Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Live from Orlando

I am at the Sloan c conference for online learning. "Why should I care?", you may be asking yourself. Because tomorrow night I will be attending Mickey's Very Christmas Party at Walt Disney World. "And....?" AND I am making it my personal goal to photograph as many fanny packs as is humanly possible. If you want to try to win a prize, leave a guess in the comments as to how many fanny packs you think I'll be able to photograph in 4 hours. Whoever gets closest will win. Follow me on Instagram  at constinks for updates!
Good luck!


  1. 4 hours? Hmmm...and you have to snap the photo? You'll SEE will photograph about 27 :)

  2. Ooh. Good guesses. I'll have to come up with a really good prize. And don't worry I won't try to reach anyone's number. Personally, I think I'll see so many that I'll be overwhelmed and just lie down and sob at the steps of Cinderella's castle.